Volunteers Needed


Descriptions of things volunteers can help with both in real life, and on the web.

If you would like to help the men's rights movement, here are some things you can help with, both on this site, and in the real world. 

  1. Start an online group.  What are you passionate about. 
  2. Start a local group.  Every city should at least have a divorce support group.  This web site will bring you members. 
  3. Notify the groups on the map about the link to their site, and ask for a reciprocal link.  Follow up to make sure it happens. 
  4. Provide publicity.  Post about it on Mastadon. I discourage people from using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but if you are a user there, then please tell people about this site. 
  5. Code review and clean up the css and javascript.  
  6. Do Security Penetration Testing on this web site.  I am told to expect lots of attacks.  
  7. Volunteer to add links to all of the other men's rights sites.  
  8. Volunteer to create a directory of Men's Rights Podcasts. 
  9. Volunteer to create a directory of the best Men's Rights Videos.  The software for this exists, it just needs a curator. 

Please click to visit the map.  And here to visit the events page

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