Thank You @Men Are Human


Here are my thanks to @Men Are Human

I would like to give a huge thank you to @Men are Human who runs and a discord chat server for men's rights activists.  He did a great job engaging me in the community, reviewing my work, and providing intelligent feedback on this site.  Without him, it would not be what it is today.  And his advice is great.  In 80% of the cases I follow it. Maybe the other 20% of the time, I am wrong!  And he operates both at the detailed level, proposing specific changes, and at the abstract level, proving guidance on the strategic direciton which I should be followng.  

And now that the site is more mature, he is switching direction, providing much needed publicity for the site, and connecting me to the appropriate individuals.  A big shout out for @Men Are Human. 

Please click to visit the map.  And here to visit the events page

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