Past Event: Support For the Accused.


This week we will be discussing false rape accusations.

Discussion recording part 1:

Discussion recording part 2:

There are two main goals for the meeting.

  1. Those who have been accused will feel understood, appreciated and supported for what they've been through. Nothing is mandatory, you don't need to share anything or speak, it's okay to  just listen.                                 
  2. The people who haven't been accused get a better understanding of the grief, loneliness and trauma that the accused go through. It's very hard to get the support you need when you have been falsely accused. Often the people you knew are biased, and believe you are a rapist and groups on the other side will weaponize the situation to foster resentment of women, which makes the accused, even more hated. 

It's important that everyone understands that women are NOT the problem. There is no reason to go around thinking "staying away from women will help". These are very infrequent situations, very few women would actually ever do something like this.  There are both horrible men and women, who only act upon their resentment and hatred. Please don't become one of them.

The meeting will be in the Falsely Accused Discord Server.   It would be preferred you listen mostly, but you are also very welcome to participate in the discussion!