Racism and the Men's Right's Movement


This week we examine how race issues and men's issues are closely intertwined.

With the recent police violence and people violence in riots, race is hot on many people's minds. This week we will have a discussion on how people treat those of different races. The extra violence black men get, how their race effects jobs and education in a modern woke world, and what MRAs should do in response to racially divisive issues.

This talk will take place on June 5th, 2020 at 5PM GMT. It will be run by Nepene and blueorange22, and hosted on the Men's Human Right's Discord.

Sub Categories

1. Here is the Original Announcement of the Racism and Men's Rights Meetup
This posting on r/mensrights was stickied all week, so it should get a good turnout.
2. Racism and Men Introductory Video
This is a video created by the organizer of the meeting.
3. Abba And Preach YouTube Channel
This channel was recommended during the meeting.
4. Jordan Peterson Debates Kathy Newman
Jordan Peterson debates Kathy Newman on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism.
5. The Black Male Privilege checklist
A list of privileges that feminists say black men have.
6. Black woman destroys white privilege myth

7. Unarmed man begs for life

8. Man tased to death

9. Story of man being abused by girlfriend
This was talked about toward the end of the chat and is a little off topic.