Past Event: Patriarchy and History: An MRA's View


How accurate is the traditional view of history?

This week we will be taking a look at the concept of Patriarchy. Feminists often refer to an all powerful bogeyman: The Patriarchy. This omnipresent evil deity overshadows all, no matter who you are, and benefits men at the expense of women. This is what is taught to us in our education systems, and questioning it is seen as heresy. What are the myths and the facts surrounding Patriarchy and how did things really happen now and in the past?

We will be exploring and discussing how it really was for both men and women in times past, and getting to the bottom of if it is really fair to say that either sex had it worse than the other, and if so, which was it?

This meeting will be hosted on the Men's Human Rights Discord server by Men are Human and InsaneCaterpilla. Please be aware the talk will be recorded, and while you are not speaking we require microphones to be muted.