On Privacy


This page describes how and why we protect your privacy.


We really care about your privacy.

If you register, you are most welcome to provide a false email address. Soon you will not even need to provide an email address. If you do register, we encourage you to provide a slightly incorrect address.

Let us do a more careful threat analysis.  Many people falsely say that men’s rightts is a hate group.  We are not.  Hate speech is not tolerated here. But even so your freedom of association could be punished by others.  How would they know?


When you access this website you access a dns server.  Unless you have installed DNS over HTTPS, your local system admin can observe, record or block that.  The fix for this is to make this website available over the Tor network.  Not hard to do.  Not yet done.


So how can people contact you?  The plan is to offer email forwarding.  Then spammers can be blocked.  But that leaves an email record, which may be abused.  The other alternative is for you to publish on your personal page your anonymous contact info.  I use Ricochet.  You can use and publish whatever you want.   My Ricochet ID is ricochet:kku5cyagslrhxzbh



I do apologize for using Google maps.  That means every map page you click is tracked.  I am looking for volunteers to implement Open  Street Map. 

You should also be aware that when you visit reddit.com/mensrights, reddit records your history, and possibly sells it to organizations.  Potentially a SJW in an HR department could deny you a job over your reddit history.    

The site is hosted in Germany with some of the strictest privacy rules.  All traffic to the site is encrypted using https.  All passwords are encrypted.  

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