Men's Rights Meetups


While everyone is locked up at home due to coronavirus, we are hosting some online meetups on issues that affect men and boys.  You can come to learn more about these issues, and to share or just listen to experiences that have effected you or those close to you. You aren't alone in having to deal with them and together, we will overcome difficulties and work toward change. 

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Scheduled Online Meetups

The Education System This week we will discuss the education system, and how schools are structured for boys and girls.
Divorce and Child Support Online Meetup This week we will be discussing Divorce and Child Support. Fri. June 12, 5PM GMT
Past Event: Domestic Violence This week we take a look at Domestic Violence against men.
Past Event: Intactivism This week's meetup will be discussing Intactivism.
Past Event: Patriarchy and History: An MRA's View How accurate is the traditional view of history?
Racism and the Men's Right's Movement This week we examine how race issues and men's issues are closely intertwined.
Past Event: Relationships During Lock Down Are you having relationship difficulties during lockdown? We will be discussing this on the Men's Human Rights Discord Server.
Past Event: Support For the Accused. This week we will be discussing false rape accusations.
The Empathy Gap This meetup we will be discussing the empathy gap and how we don't give men the same sympathy as women.