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Number of Children = 24
Icon Name/Edit Title/View Class Size Age
Ad AceHTML 1 a month
ClearVideos Delete all of the YouTube Video Data SecureHTML 1 2 months
CreateRemoteURL SecureHTML 1 2 months
MailHost MailHost MailHost 1 3 months
MapLegend Menus for maps AceHTML 1 4 months
Products Web Classes Products 1 a month
RenameImages test23 SecureHTML 1 2 months
bernie-sanders Organizaing Rides to the Polls RootCategory 9 4 months
cacheFile The file name where the json cache is stored, Currently Empty AceHTML 1 10 months
climate-change Maps of Organizations Fighting Climate Change RootCategory 9 4 months
ents Ents RootCategory 1 5 months
forestwiki The Forest Map Wiki RootCategory 7 a day
golang The Best GoLang Lightning Talks. RootCategory 3 5 months
index Index Page HTML 1 10 months
mens-groups Mens Groups RootCategory 7 2 weeks
mens-rights Men's Rights RootCategory 5 2 weeks
mqtt MQTT Chat (.info) RootCategory 4 7 months
python The Best Python Lightning Talks RootCategory 6 3 days
python-videos Python Videos RootCategory 10 a month
reword Getting the person SecureHTML 1 5 months
smog Maps of Organizations Fighting Smog RootCategory 7 2 months
superjednostka superjednostka RootCategory 5 7 months
test-html test HTML 1 10 months
us-greens About RootCategory 4 2 months

The ReName, and ReTitle Buttons act on the display, but you do not have permission to make changes on the server.