Past Event: Intactivism


This week's meetup will be discussing Intactivism.


For thousands of years, circumcision has been a religious sacrificial ritual, and that's all it ever has been. During a very short period in history, some unethical medical leaders with religious backgrounds convinced many people of the English speaking world that circumcising their newborn boys was a beneficial cosmetic surgery. It was not long before common sense prevailed and most of the anglophone countries rejected the notion that circumcision was a beneficial medical procedure and the numbers of circumcisions declined dramatically. It was a major institutional blunder much like the lobotomy procedure marketed to the public. We are currently in the transition period of re-establishing the assumption that circumcision is purely a ritualistic sacrifice, and is meant to damage the penis and life of the male it happens to. In this chat we would like to discuss many of the aspects of this transition, who are the players in the battle and expound on some not very well known facts about what is removed from a circumcision.

It will be hosted by members of the r/Intactivism subreddit. It will be run on the Men's Human Rights Discord Server and run on the Men's Rights Discord Server.  

It will happen on Friday, May 1st at 6PM. GMT.  


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