Divorce and Child Support Online Meetup


This week we will be discussing Divorce and Child Support. Fri. June 12, 5PM GMT

The Men's Rights' Discord Server is a support group for men. 

Every week we have a scheduled online voice chat to meet and greet new members. This week the focus is on "Divorce and Child Support", particularly child support during Covid layoffs.  

The meetup leader went through divorce 20 years ago, and has had the time to learn from the experience.  The divorce courts say that they are doing things in the best interest of the child, but in reality spending a fortune on lawyers is only in the best interest of the lawyers.  The standard should be roughly shared parenting time, maybe with a penalty for the person responsible for breaking up the family,  rather than rewarding those who break up families. 

We invite you to come, share your heart wrenching stories, and get advice from those who have been through this process already.