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At the current time, there is no logo or image to show the name of the site. I think there should at least be some kind of text logo there.

 Agreed.  Please be more specific.  What would you like to see.  How about the tree inthe lower left corner?


Organizations and their descriptions should probably be in some kind of excel table with invisible dividers. I'm thinking that the full list should be available through a search function only, and that that space down there should be reserved for tools to find organizations in the list.

 They are in a table, what else do you want?


Also: we need to strip the map of any purely online organization that doesn't have a physical address. For example: it's no good me giving a location for this Discord because I could move the region to Asia if I wanted and nobody would notice.

Agreed, You can do this. That will train you, and test lots of stuff. 


Make the tree hierarchy very short lines. 

A great idea, but complex, I will hold off on doing this. 



Please click to visit the map.  And here to visit the events page

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